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Golf cart customization is where it all began! RSC prides itself on our ability to build a custom cart that matches the unique personality and needs of the owner.

Life’s too short to drive stock.

Our specialized team of golf cart customizers will ensure that your new wheels turn heads and is custom-built to get the job done.

From utility boxes and gun racks, to lift kits, luxury seating, off-road tires, stereos, lighting kits and so much more, we offer countless ways in which we can make your cart one-of-a-kind. And with our ability to perform custom paint jobs and graphics work, your dream cart can be made to match your business, your truck, your RV or more.

Below is a look at some of the many golf cart customizations we offer, all of which can be used to build you the custom golf cart of your dreams:

Customization Options
Custom Bodies2019-05-09T18:06:13+00:00

From a simple colour change to making your cart look like the car of your dreams, RSC can refresh the look of your cart with custom paint, vinyl wrapping, graphics, pin-striping, reflective lines and so much more.

Advertising & Promotion2019-05-09T18:07:07+00:00

Carts are a fabulous way to promote your business. RSC can place your logo, website, colour scheme and more directly on your fleet of carts, making them a rolling billboard for your business, and guaranteeing you’ll get noticed.

Rear Seat Kits & Seatbelts2019-05-09T18:12:18+00:00

Whether you’re looking to turn your two-sear cart into a four-seater, add seatbelts to comply with your community regulations, or add a convertible box or flat deck, RSC offers a wide range of seating customization options so that you can carry all your passengers in comfort and style.

Tires & Rims2019-05-09T18:12:07+00:00

Whether for fashion or function, there’s no denying that a custom set of tires and rims is the ultimate way to set your cart apart. Recreation Sport Carts offers a variety of wheel options to choose from, most of which are guaranteed to make your heart beat just a little bit faster!

Steering Wheels2019-05-09T18:13:58+00:00

Looking for something special to grab when piloting your cart? Let us outfit yours with a custom steering wheel. With color, trim, and padding options galore, we can find the perfect wheel to go with your custom cart.


Nothing spoils cart fun faster than a face full of rain. Extend the use of your cart by adding a windshield. From simple stock options to folding and tinted, RSC can find the perfect golf cart windshield for you. And if you really want to set your cart apart, we can even install custom golf cart windshield wipers!

Lights & Horns2019-05-09T18:15:12+00:00

Safety is a must when it comes to cruising around in your cart. Let RSC help you drive safely, and be seen and heard no matter where you travel with headlights, tail lights, strobes, horns and more. We can even install under cart ambient lighting to let your cart shine!

Boxes, Flat Decks & Hitches2019-05-09T18:15:53+00:00

If your cart is needed for serious work, we can help you get the job done. From utility boxes and flat decks for lugging gear, to dump boxes, tow hitches and more, RSC can create a rugged workhorse cart for your shop, yard, or farm.

Stretch Carts2019-05-09T18:16:40+00:00

Sometimes 2 seats just aren’t enough. RSC has a variety of extra seating options, including stretch carts capable of shuttling groups of passengers (or lots of gear) all at once!

Lift Kits2019-05-09T18:17:12+00:00

If your cart is headed off-road, you may want to consider giving it a boost. RSC can raise the height and clearance of your cart with a variety of different lift kit options. Not only will the added height make off-road travel easier, it will raise the curb appeal of your cart as well!

Roofs & Enclosures2019-05-09T18:17:59+00:00

If you have a rear seat, you may want a longer roof or detachable enclosure to keep your passengers warm and dry. RSC can assist with both these modifications, and can also help you find a storage cover to keep your cart clean and dry when not in use.

Dashboards, Consoles & Steering Wheel Covers2019-05-09T18:25:25+00:00

Really tie your theme together with custom dashboards, drink holders, stereo consoles, and matching wheel covers. RSC can install a wide range of dash accessories, including locking glove boxes, 12V chargers, state of charge meters, phone chargers, USB chargers, power sockets and more.


Want to catch a glimpse of what’s going on around you? Let RSC outfit your cart with custom side and rear-view mirrors! Not only will your cart be a lot safer, it will look a whole lot better as well.

Stereo System2019-05-09T18:26:38+00:00

When traveling in style, music is a must! Rock out in your cart with the addition of a stereo console. We have a variety of options available here at RSC, and even have ones that are Bluetooth and phone friendly!

Golf Accessories2019-05-09T18:29:31+00:00

Looking to hit the fairway in style? Along with your new paint job and custom upholstery, you’ll want to be sure you outfit your cart with our golfers’ accessories before you tee off! With ball washers, coolers, club canopies, bag holders, sand and seed bottles, and more, RSC can ensure your cart is the talk of the course.

Gun Racks & Hunting Accessories2019-05-09T18:28:00+00:00

A rugged golf cart is the perfect accompaniment for a trip to the range or the bush. Let RSC get yours ready for the range by attaching a gun rack to transport your rifles safely and conveniently.


Over time, the capacity and run time of your cart’s battery will start to decline. If this sounds like your cart, let RSC put the boost back in by installing a brand-new battery. With traditional lead-acid and lithium battery options, we can find the perfect unit for your specific cart.

Lithium Batteries2019-05-09T18:30:16+00:00

A lithium battery will last longer and save you money in the long run compared to the traditional lead-acid battery. Consider switching to lithium to change the way your cart runs.

Push Bar2019-05-09T18:31:16+00:00

An extra line of defence in protecting your cart from front-end collisions, our push bar installation can be both practical and add a rugged look to your cart.

Power Upgrades2019-05-09T18:31:51+00:00

Adding stereos, lights, and other accessories to your cart might require changes in power output. RSC will make sure your cart has all the power it needs, with a variety of voltage reducers to help your cart power itself effectively.

Are you ready? We invite you into the shop to check out our inventory and help us design your dream golf cart!

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