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Like any other vehicle…proper maintenance keeps carts running at their best. We offer full service on everything we sell!

Golf Cart Repair

If your cart needs a little more TLC than just the standard service, we have a complete repair shop to look after cosmetic as well as mechanical needs. From replacing broken lights and tired bodies to new rims and tires, we can get your cart back in action. We can also upgrade parts and customize while it’s in the shop.

Our service department knows how golf carts operate, understands what can go wrong with them, and can fix them to your complete satisfaction.


Below are the most frequently utilized services but we are not limited to just these. Contact us if you need a service that is not listed.

When a golf carts’ batteries are discharged too far, often due to long storage periods, most factory charges can not recognize them and therefore will not attempt to charge them.  With the right tools we can put enough of a charge on the batteries to enable to factory chargers to take over.  We then use a discharged to cycle to batteries to the optimal level before recharging.  Sometimes it will require multiple cycles to recover a battery.

Battery recovery may or may not be sufficient for the customer.  For many recreational users it is often adequate, but every time a battery is allowed to discharge too far, it suffers some damage and therefore will suffer some loss in capacity.  We always recommend using a battery maintainer when storing your cart for long periods.  The maintainer is designed for the specific voltage of your cart.

Please note: we cannot guarantee the recoverability of dead batteries or their condition after recovery.

Our purpose built test station allows us to test a large variety of golf cart chargers. Unfortunately not every charger can be tested with this method, for this reason it is best to contact us before bringing your charger down.  We are actively working on expanding the station to include more chargers.

Please note: While some chargers are repairable, this is not always the case.

Like the chargers, our test station is also capable of testing electric motor controllers.  We are actively expanding the station so we can include more types of controllers.  Please call us to see if we are able to test yours.

We are fully equipped to do complete engine rebuilds in-house on most factory 2-stroke and 4-stroke golf cart engines.

Rebuilding operations include:

  • Cylinder boring/honing
  • Valve and valve seat resurfacing
  • Complete cleaning – including blasting of components
  • Bear and seal replacement

Please note:  Unless we are informed of exactly what needs to be done, we are unable to provide a quote on an engine rebuild without disassembling and inspecting the engine.

Service Fees

There is a minimum charge of $90 to service a cart, after that, we charge $110 per hour.  The minimum charge does not apply to the servicing/testing of individual components (for example: chargers).

On-Site Service

We do not generally offer on-site service, but we are flexible.  If we have the time we will accommodate your needs.

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