If you want a customized golf cart, there’s a good chance you’re also going to want some new tires. Typical tires are great for golf courses: they’re designed to avoid tearing up the landscaping. If you’re going to use your golf cart for another purpose, though, you’ll need tires designed to handle rougher terrain or hard surfaces.

Where is Your Golf Cart Going to Go?

There are three types of golf cart wheels you can get: turf, cross-over, and off-road.

Turf tires are the typical tires your cart will come with. Although carts with these tires can also be driven on the road, that’s not what they’re designed for. Too much road travel can significantly reduce the lifespan of turf tires.

If you plan to spend a significant amount of time on the road with your cart, you’ll want to get cross over tires. These tires are more resilient to damage, and they give you better control over your vehicle.

If your golf cart is going to be off-road and off the golf course – such as it would be if you’re using your cart for ranching or hunting – you’ll need off-road tires. These tires have more aggressive grip patterns and they get better traction than other types.

How Big Can the Wheels Be?

Unlifted carts can in most instances allow for a 10″ rim (which would replace the stock 8″) – which can accommodate the larger tires.  Your choice of tire size and tread dictates the amount of wheel clearance which is required to avoid rubbing or constrained steering ability.

Do You Want a Cart with Style?

The above concerns are all practical, but we need to take a moment to address aesthetic concerns. Do you just want your cart to look cooler? If so, we offer a host of tires, rims and lift kits that’ll turn heads, no matter where you’re driving your cart.