Like all good businesses, the Recreation Sport Carts story begins in the garage…

The year was 2013, and Mark Huston was looking to make some improvements to his golf cart. He had purchased it to easily get around the large, open community he called home. The only problem? He was unable to find someone that could make the necessary modifications and updates to create a cart suited to his own needs. A serial hobbyist and tinkerer, after several failed attempts to find a local shop Mark took the problem into his own hands, sourcing parts and modifying his cart right in the family’s garage.

Updates complete, Mark’s modified cart quickly became the talk of their community. So much so that many neighbours decided to follow suit, buying up used carts and searching for shops to update them. They too were unable to find a British Columbia golf cart shop that was willing and able to do the work, and so they eventually turned to Mark to see if he would do the updates for them. Sensing opportunity, Mark happily obliged his neighbours, turning their basic, barely-running stock carts into a fun, electrifying new way to get from point A to Z.

With that, Recreation Sport Carts was born.

Recreation Sport Carts eventually outgrew the garage and moved into a multi-bay facility in Delta, BC. To manage increasing demand, Mark brought on Shane Wunderlick as a co-owner in the business. With a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, an automotive apprenticeship, and a decade commercial equipment design, Shane was a natural choice to lead the next wave of growth for RSC.

To Shane, the mission of Recreation Sport Carts is simple: create a customer experience unlike any other. Whether it’s a berry farmer shuttling guests on tours, a helicopter company whisking clients from the lounge to the helipad, or a husband and wife looking to get around their community and their local golf course (all real examples of the many RSC clients), Shane works tirelessly to ensure their RSC experience is incredible from start to finish. To hear him say it, “There are companies that you deal with once and don’t go back. Everything we do here at RSC is to ensure we are NOT one of these companies!”

These days, Recreation Sport Carts has become the premier destination for anyone looking for golf carts for sale in BC. With the used market for carts becoming scarcer, RSC has grown beyond used sales and modifications, and has become a full-service  dealer for a wide array of new carts as well. Whether for the golf course or the campground, community travels or work around the yard, RSC ensures that everyone enjoys their journey as much as their final destination. Because no matter where you’re heading, life is best when you enjoy your time behind the wheel.

For Golf

If golf is your bag, then our carts are for you. Maybe they won’t lower your scores, or give you an edge over the competition, but they will make 18 holes more fun. We also sell golf accessories, such as ball washers, bag holders, sand and seed bottles, and coolers.

For Everything Else

And golf carts aren’t just for golf – they’re frequently used for other commercial and recreational applications.


  • Security

  • On-site Travel

  • Cargo Carriers


  • RV Resorts

  • Campgrounds

  • Acreages

  • Music Festivals

  • Hunting


RSC proudly serves as British Columbia’s only dealer of new AGT Electric Golf Carts, with a diverse lineup of carts for both work and play

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As a rare “brand-inclusive” golf cart repair shop, RSC has the capability to service nearly any make, model and year, both gas and electric carts.

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Our unmatched golf cart customization services, RSC offers nearly endless possibilities for building a cart that’s as unique as you.

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