When searching through golf carts for sale, there are ten facts you should keep in mind to find the best product for you.

  1. There are Two Kinds of Golf Carts: Gas and Electric

Gas carts are quickly being replaced by electric except for use in specific applications.  Considerations like extended range and access to conventional electricity for charging sometimes make gas a better choice.  Electric golf carts are as powerful as gas and usually better suited for drivers who want a quieter, more environmentally-friendly cart.

  1. Used Golf Carts May Not Show Their Age

Many used golf carts on the market today have been “upgraded” over their lifetimes. This means the seller has replaced the seats, wheels and cosmetically improved. A golf cart that looks good may not drive well, so don’t be afraid to test drive the cart and check under the hood.

  1. Golf Carts are Built to Last

RSC Custom Golf Carts - AGT Cart for Sale (1)Manufacturers state that golf cart frames can last for up to 40 years.

  1. Golf Cart Batteries and Engines Aren’t

If you choose to buy an electric golf cart, you’ll need to replace the battery once every 4-10 years. Gas golf carts have an excellent lifespan if properly maintained and we see some that are 20 years old and still ticking along.

  1. Golf Cart Laws Vary Across the Country

Before buying your golf cart, you should check the laws of your city and province to determine where your cart can be driven. Depending on those laws, you’ll be able to drive them on roads, golf courses, college campuses, and residential areas.

  1. Golf Carts Should be Inspected Every Year

Yearly inspections are important because they allow you to catch problems early. This lets you repair any issues before they become more expensive to fix, but it’s also essential for your safety. Golf carts are a real mode of transportation, so you want to make sure yours is in good shape before you drive it.

  1. Gas Golf Carts Have a Long Driving Range

You can drive a gas golf cart for days before needing to refill. Electric golf carts, on the other hand, usually can’t go more than 40 without a recharge.

  1. Electric Golf Carts are Cheaper to Run and Maintain

Gas golf carts cost more to drive than electric ones because you have to buy the gas. You can’t determine with precision how much this will cost, given the way gas prices fluctuate.

  1. Golf Cart Cost Varies Broadly Depending on the Features You Want

Most used golf carts cost anywhere from $3-$9,000, New carts generally start in the $9,000 range and high end custom carts could set you back $20,000.  Keep in mind like everything else – you get what you pay for.

  1. If There’s Something You Don’t Like About Your Golf Cart, We’ll Help You Customize It

There are new and used golf carts for sale on our website, but we started out as golf cart customizers. Whether you want new rims, a power upgrade, or even a detachable enclosure, we’ll help make your golf carts yours.